Nutritional therapy

What to Expect

Food tastes good, wicked good and it’s normal to enjoy it! Improving your health, including your eating routine, should not be agony. It should feel good, and fit with your physical needs, social desires, and wellbeing.

Too many diet books and websites focus on stringent, un-realistic, miserable "diet" plans. They don’t work in the long run, and turn people away from healthy eating. Joan’s objective is to help you meet your wellness goals within the reality of enjoying your life...

First Appointment (Intake and Assessment)

In order to understand what makes you tick, and how she can best help, Joan will collect a lot of information from you: current goals, medical history, family medical history, past weight history, current weight, medications, dietary supplements, food history, food frequency, exercise, work and family situation, foods available, foods desired, how foods affect you physically or mentally... From this information she will pin-point variables and calculate specific nutrients, evaluate your supplements, and formulate a suggested eating routine that matches your goals.

Second Appointment (Personalized Eating and Lifestyle Plan)

Joan will present and explain an eating routine, and other suggestions to you. You will work with Joan to fine-tune your plan at this appointment and leave with everything in writing.

Follow Up Visits

During subsequent visits, the focus will be on what is realistic and how to get there – if some suggestions did not work, other strategies will be discussed. This could encompass trying new food products, easy meals, alternate restaurants or entrees, new snacks, different exercises... There are many ways to achieve a desired end. No two people are alike in what will work for them. It can be helpful to have someone thinking outside the box for you. As Joan says "I never give up finding solutions for an individual to succeed!"


This service could be covered by your health insurance. Private Pay rates are also available.